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With this heatwave going on it's easy to slip down memory lane of summers back in the day and the tunes that set the tone. I'm thinking the soundtrack for Spike Lee's "Do the right thing", Dre & Snoop's "Let me ride" and of course Jazzy Jeff & Will Smith's  epic "Summertime".

As the cherry on top homie Yam Who?, the guy who more or less re-invented artform of re-edits, posts this awesome remastered re-edit of "Summertime". Get it while you can.

And of course if you missed our exclusive interview with Yam Who it's still available RIGHT HERE




Our homie Melaz recently introduced us to this promising beatsmith from Watford, UK. With plenty of laidback hiphop influenced productions his latest efforts have been more uptempo house infused tunes.

The track that ticked us off was "Invisible imagination" as featured on Melaz's 4th installment of Jazzy Trips. An awesome collection of unreleased tracks from up and coming producers.

Download the whole thing here: Melaz presents Jazzy Trips Vol.4

Want to hear more from Suplington?

Download: Suplington - Escapism


Mark de Clive-Lowe - The May 5th 24h bundle of joy

Ok, every now and then we advise you not to sleep on some of the music we post. That has never been more true than for this mega-bundle from our main man Mark de Clive-Lowe. As a way of giving back to his fans and for more people to discover his awesome back catalogue he's offering a large part of his back catalogue for 24 hours for free! 

List of content in package: 
-Six degrees album (2000)
-Tide's arising album (2005)
-Journey to the light (2006)
-The Politik (2007)
-Leaving this planet EP (2011)
-One take video (2013)
-Rarities, singles and demos

Dear followers it's now 2200 hours CET and you have just under 20 hours left to download this bundle of joy! 

And if you've missed it here's our exclusive track-by-track walkthrough of Mark's upcoming album Church: MdCL - Church (Track-by-track walkthrough)


Grace Jones - Williams blood (Yam Who electric dub)

Here's a resurfaced gem from the masters of the reworks, Andy Williams a.k.a. Yam Who. Still such a dope reconstruction of the original tune from her 2008 "Hurricane" album now remastered for 2014. Only available for a short time so be fast!

And of course if you haven't yet read our exclusive interview with the man who redefined the edit and made it into an artform it's still available here: BEATHEARTS MEET YAMWHO?

Download: Grace Jones - Williams blood (Yam Who electric dub)


Yasmin - Thinking about you (Billion remix)

Lazy bank holiday and we're reminiscing of Frankie Knuckles and other artists that left us too early. Stumbling over this great Whitney Houston cover from Yasmin.

Remixed by Billon remix (aka producers Cinematic and Drop Lamond) this tune is taken off Houston's debut album from 1985 and has never sounded better. Not many vocalists would be brave enough to take on the task of covering Whitney but Yasmin did a great job and transformed it into a driving deep house tune with gospel vibes. Enjoy.

Download: Yasmin - Thinking about you (Billion rmx)