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Beathearts Selections 2014: Best tunes

It's about that time to sum up the year. Frankly, it's been a pretty shitty year for us, we haven't been as active as we intended to and but fortunately the music has been good.

We thought that the least we could do for you as a lil' new years treat is to sum up the year with some of the best tunes that have been rippin our headphones and speakers throughout the year.


D'angelo "Really Love": 15 yrs what can we say? Awesome new version of this tune.
Mary J Blige "Whole damn year": Mary pretty much summed up our year.
Dej Loaf "Try me": New talent Deja Trimble is thriving in a Detroit on the rise.
Billie Black "Don't need another lover": The finest UK soul track of 2014 hails from West London.
A/T/O/S "Roses": Hyperdub stunned us with the "Blue Lines" album of 2014. Epic!
Recondite "Jim Jams": Our gem from the best minimalistic albums of the year.
Baba Stiltz "Golden Eye": Swedish album of the year from the Studio Barnhus label.
Rumpistol "Asleep": Mind boggling release from these funky danes.

Sidney Charles "Warehouse anthems": A warehouse jam like they used to make them.
Nozinja "Tsekeleke": Crazy, frantic, South African footwork.
Mapei "Don't wait": Vocoder hook of the year.
Joey Badass & Statik Selektah "Carry on": Such a dope warm up for a debut album soon to drop.
Redinho "Playing with fire": Menacing hook off a great album.
Petite Meller "NYC Time" (Betablock3rs rmx): The haunting yet hooky Paris-BK connection
Sabina Ddumba "Scarred for life": Voice of the year. Can't wait for the album to drop
Tune-Yards "Wait for a minute": Take away track from their crazy cool live performance
Damon Albarn "Lonely press play": Key track from an underrated and beautiful album

Beathearts Swedish Selections 2014

(What?! Google translate now!)

Årsbästalistor. Den tiden på året. Den bästa musiktiden på året. Julklappar i all ära men för oss är alla inspirationskällors årsbästalistor som vackert inslagna presenter som förväntasfullt packas upp. Och så klart har vi även i år satt ihop vårt eget blandband.

Vilket år det har varit för ny svensk musik. Det var sannerligen inte många av artisterna nedan vi hade förutsett att vi skulle knockas av i år:


Sida A:
Melo ”Långsamt”: Årets låt. Från Ystads finest.
Mapei ”Don’t wait”: Årets vocoderrefräng
Baba Stiltz ”Golden Eye”: Årets elektriska album
Titiyo ”Solna”: Årets lokalromantik
Kent ”Skogarna”: Årets exilromantik
Sabina Ddumba ”Scarred for life”: Årets brustna hjärta
Ji Nilsson ”Heartbreakfree”: Årets nattbiltursmusik
70/30 ”Llojd”: Längtan bort och tillbaka - förväntan på kvällen och livet.
XOV ”Boys don’t cry”: Årets starkaste vaggvisa

Sida B:
1987 ”Bomb”: Årets livskris
Axwell ^ Ingrosso ”Something new”: Årets rökmaskin
Silvana Imam ”Svär på min mamma”: Årets battlerappare
Simon Emanuel ”Mångalen”: Von Arnold lyfter sin nya adept till oanade höjder
Sakarias ”Atlanten”: Blicken fastnar på henne - lyssnar på Neneh
Urban Ninjas ”My system”: Årets MiamiViceDisko från Malmö
Woodzsthlm ”Away”: Årets svenska footwork
Lorentz & Say Lou Lou ”The.OC.S01E01.DVD-Rip.Xvid”: Årets titel
Timbuktu ”Amino”: Årets snyggaste intro som får funka som outro

Lyssna på Spotify: Beathearts Swedish Selections 2014

Lyssna: Baba Stiltz - Total (Studio Barnhus)
Årets album kommer från Sthlm och labeln Studio Barnhus. Baba hade helt gått under vår radar fram till 13 oktober då albumet "Total" kom från ingenstans och golvade oss. Låtar som "Golden Eye" lät som om Aril Brikha hade teamat upp med Waajeed en ljummen sommarkväll i Berlin. "Total" kommer ligger kvar på våra spellistor under lång tid framöver.



With this heatwave going on it's easy to slip down memory lane of summers back in the day and the tunes that set the tone. I'm thinking the soundtrack for Spike Lee's "Do the right thing", Dre & Snoop's "Let me ride" and of course Jazzy Jeff & Will Smith's  epic "Summertime".

As the cherry on top homie Yam Who?, the guy who more or less re-invented artform of re-edits, posts this awesome remastered re-edit of "Summertime". Get it while you can.

And of course if you missed our exclusive interview with Yam Who it's still available RIGHT HERE




Our homie Melaz recently introduced us to this promising beatsmith from Watford, UK. With plenty of laidback hiphop influenced productions his latest efforts have been more uptempo house infused tunes.

The track that ticked us off was "Invisible imagination" as featured on Melaz's 4th installment of Jazzy Trips. An awesome collection of unreleased tracks from up and coming producers.

Download the whole thing here: Melaz presents Jazzy Trips Vol.4

Want to hear more from Suplington?

Download: Suplington - Escapism


Mark de Clive-Lowe - The May 5th 24h bundle of joy

Ok, every now and then we advise you not to sleep on some of the music we post. That has never been more true than for this mega-bundle from our main man Mark de Clive-Lowe. As a way of giving back to his fans and for more people to discover his awesome back catalogue he's offering a large part of his back catalogue for 24 hours for free! 

List of content in package: 
-Six degrees album (2000)
-Tide's arising album (2005)
-Journey to the light (2006)
-The Politik (2007)
-Leaving this planet EP (2011)
-One take video (2013)
-Rarities, singles and demos

Dear followers it's now 2200 hours CET and you have just under 20 hours left to download this bundle of joy! 

And if you've missed it here's our exclusive track-by-track walkthrough of Mark's upcoming album Church: MdCL - Church (Track-by-track walkthrough)